Who we are

About Us


Nutrit was born out of preference for yummy homemade meals for our founding ambassador over our regular paps and some store bought cereals some years back . Since then, It has grown to be a baby/ toddler and family food solution company with special varieties of yummy ,nutritious, well tolerated and economical baby and family foods . The company has empowered hundreds of women by creating business and job opportunities as well as financial support to women in remote areas . We have also produced thousands of tub of foods to enhance the nutritional status of children within and outside Nigeria . We have contributed to the agricultural value chain panther country by partnering with the local farmers by using their farm produce for our productions. We have been able to contribute to the economy panther country positively by exporting our brand to other countries. Over 50000 mothers have been able to give more healthy meal options for their families using our free meal plans and recipes especially for healthy weaning of their babies .

Our Mission

To consistently provide yummy, nutrient densed and high quality foods that will add to the healthy growth and development of every child.

Our Vision

To be the baby/family food brand of choice by using nature's best farm produce, nutrient retention food processing techntechnology, engaged work force to deliver superior products and services to our customers and returns to our shareholders.